Rough Diamonds Repertoire If you can’t find the song you are looking for, ask me.  I will be adding links to sound and video files eventually. Direct link to Noteworthy  files and  Vocal teach  tracks on Choirs in  Harmony Member’s Area Ndikholhele Bawo in rehearsal Rememilioe 2006 Fiela 2006 Fiela 2.mp3 Gabi gabi un faz.mp3 Darly Moratiwa.mp3 Nkosi sikelel'.nwc Ndiyoyika .mp3 M'bube edited.mp3 17 You May Stand Mute.mp3 11 Wondrous Love.mp3 Aralo Parts  & PDF of score Vela vela click here Ke nale monna click here Aeolian Harp.nwc Abbeystead.nwc Aralo edited.nwc Baba yetu edited.nwc Bawo ndixolele.nwc Big Sky.nwc Darly Moratuwa.nwc Egalile new version.nwc Fiela 2.nwc Gabi gabi medley.nwc Maspindzelo.nwc He motswale.nwc Modimo Waka.nwc Ndikhokhele Bawo.nwc Ndiyoika.nwc Kingdom.nwc Oh Lilizela.nwc Re memiloe.nwc Senzenina.nwc Shay' ingoma.nwc Tres Hojitas edited.nwc Something inside.nwc Thuma mina we baba.nwc Wondrous love.nwc You may stand mute.nwc Westron Wynde.nwc Tsa wela.nwc Ukholo lwami.nwc Erebuni Yerevan 2.nwc Sathane Akanamandla final.nwc Ke nale Monna.nwc He Motswale 2008 To see, hear and  download  Noteworthy  Score files, download  free viewer from this LINK Sorry, not compatible with Mac. Roughies videos! Roughies  Calendar Click here for